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Garage doors in the 21st century are propelled up and down by the complex interaction of dozens of mechanical parts. When one part goes bad, it could easily cause the entire door to fail. This is one reason why we stress preventive maintenance so much. We also want to let you know that you should call Garage Door Solution Service at the first indication of any trouble. Our talented service technicians can repair the problem right away and prevent more serious issues several months or years from now.

Whenever we work with a new or recurring customer, our goal is always to have our service surpass their expectations. We welcome feedback from you on how we could achieve this. Garage Door Solution Service feels that the best way to meet this goal is to be completely approachable and transparent in all of our business dealings. We value open communication because it allows us to improve on our service that much more.

Garage Door Inspections

Garage Door Solution Service Atlanta, GA 404-591-6753Garage doors in the past were pretty basic and easy to fix. However, that is not the case any longer. Because of their heavy weight and use of complicated mechanical parts, it’s essential to leave repairs, maintenance, and installation to the professionals. Garage Door Solution Service is happy to advise you on simple things you can do to make your garage door last as long as possible. You should never attempt to repair an automated door, especially when you are at home or work alone.

The best way to ensure that your garage door components remain in good shape is to have our company inspect it annually or bi-annually, depending on its age and size. Our technicians inspect everything, including the garage door pulleys, tracks, and springs, as well as the mechanism you use to open the garage door. We want to make sure that no parts are worn so badly that they pose an immediate safety risk. If we do discover that, we will correct the problem immediately.

Damaged Doors

A variety of reasons exist why your garage door could become damaged. You may have been teaching your teenager how to drive and he or she nicked the garage door during a parking lesson. It may have fallen victim to heavy winds, a torrential downpour, fire, or vandalism. What happened to your garage door is not nearly as important as the fact that you need it fixed right away. Feel free to contact Garage Door Solution Service at any hour for immediate repairs. We are just mins away as our expert team is in every nook of the Atlanta, GA.

Garage Doors That Won't Track

Every garage door has small wheels on the side that roll along its tracking chamber and allow it to go up and down on command. Sometimes a garage door goes off-track due to a foreign object being in its path, normal wear, or becoming frozen or overheated by extreme temperatures. A problem with tracking can leave your car stuck in the garage and you unable to leave home or work. While obviously an urgent situation, we can’t stress enough how important it is to call Garage Door Solution Service rather than attempt your own repairs.

Putting a garage door back on its tracks is not as easy as it might look. This is what causes many people to try to do it independently and end up seriously injured as a result. The moment you notice a garage door tracking problem, call Garage Door Solution Service for 24-hour a day assistance. It just isn’t worth the risk to try to save a little bit of time and money doing your own repair.

With garage doors weighing 150 pounds or more, it’s essential that tension strength in the springs can handle at least the weight of the garage door. When the weight variation is off by even a small margin, it puts the springs at risk of breaking with little warning. It’s easy to misjudge the weight requirements when you don’t work with garage doors every day like Garage Door Solution Service. This is something we are happy to do for you.